More Than
A Robot

“I am more than a robot, I am Versius”

Versius is so much more than just a robot. We carefully designed all aspects of Versius for you, so we can make the benefits of minimally invasive surgery more available to more of your patients.

Enhancing your abilities. Driving you to success. Delivering better outcomes.

Next generation

Next generation technology

Versius supports you inside and outside of the operating room with its next-generation technology. From fully-articulated instrument wrists to a world first training programme, equipped with Virtual Reality training simulations, all aspects of Versius were designed with you in mind.

Versius is more than a robot, it is part of an entire digital ecosystem designed to help you excel.

Built for comfort

Designed to support you through surgery, Versius offers surgeons a range of physical benefits, from increased precision to more comfortable surgery.

Versius’ adjustable, open console means surgeons can operate in a way that feels comfortable to them, reducing the physical discomfort of performing surgery.

More than a robot, Versius is a practical and adjustable support system for your OR.

Keep learning
Build team

Built for teams

Versius is a valuable partner in the operating room, supporting and empowering surgical teams. Versius builds coherence, supports clear communication across the surgical team, and inspires teams to do their best.

More than a robot, Versius is there by your side, helping you achieve what you do best.

Built to excel

Versius offers surgeons increased dexterity and precision whilst performing complicated procedural steps, enabling them to operate in hard-to-reach areas more effectively. Empowering you to achieve the best patient outcomes, with a robotic system that supports you when you need it most.

More than a robot, we can accomplish more together.

Power excel